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24V/48V 100Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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24V/48V 100Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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24V 100Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Battery
24V/48V 100Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
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24V 100Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

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-Industry-leading 200W self-heating
-EV-class cells (Grade A) with 5000 cycles (80% DOD)
-Low-temp cut-off for safer charging & discharging
-Automatic cell balancing during charging
-Vibration-resistant frames & IP65 protection
Cruising Made Easy with Lighter Power
The built-in automotive-grade battery cells (Grade A) help reduce the overall weight of your 24V batteries to ensure a faster & smoother cruising experience.
Efficient Backup Power for Peace of Mind
With over 5 times power condensed per kilo, Renogy 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery offers more power in a similar footprint. Be power-ready before emergencies. Not after.
Longer Battery Life. Lasting Outdoor Fun.
Grade-A prismatic cells boast 5000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge – that's 10 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries. With this longevity, enjoy a worry-free 10-year battery lifespan for extended and uninterrupted adventures on the road.
Why a 24V LiFePO4 Battery?
Enjoy a cleaner, more efficient setup with a Renogy 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery - that means 30% less wiring needed and pre-selected cells featuring balanced voltage, Plus, the programmable BMS ensures automatic cell balancing during charging, leaving behind the days of dealing with messy wires and unbalanced cells that come with 2 * 12V 100Ah batteries.
Seamless Power Expansion
Maximize your backup power to 40.96kWh by connecting a total of 16 batteries in a series-parallel connection, having you covered for extended blackouts or any high-demand projects.
Wired in Series/Parallel
Besides the series-parallel connection, the Renogy 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery allows you to wire up to 8 in parallel or 2 in series for flexible power setup.
Dimensional Reference Guide
Before installing the battery, please note that you need to leave 5-10 cm (1.97-3.94 in) for the top of the battery; the side with busbars needs to be left at least 20 cm (7.87 in).
The Renogy Difference
Going solar is not that complicated. Renogy is here to help you build your system faster so you can roam further.
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Renogy 12V 100Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Electrical Specifications Temperature Parameters
Rated Capacity (0.5C, 25°C) 100 Ah Operation Temperature Range Charge: 32°F to 131°F / 0°C to 55°C
Nominal Voltage 25.6 V Operation Temperature Range Discharge: -4°F to 140°F / -20°C to 60°C
Energy 2560Wh Storage Temperature Range -13°F to 149°F / -25°C to 65°C
Cycle Life(0.5C/1C, 25℃) 5000 Cycles (80% DOD 80% EOL) Operation Relative Humidity 10% to 95%
Charging Parameters Mechanical Specifications
Charge Voltage 29 V Dimension (L x W x H) 20.55 x 9.45 x 8.62 in / 522 x 240 x 219 mm
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 100 A Weight 46.3 lbs. / 21.0 kg
Discharging Parameters Terminal Bolt Size M8 x 1.25 x 15 mmm
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 100A Protection Rating IP65
Peak Discharge Current 300A@5s Self-heating YES
Certifications Warranty
MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, PSE, CE, UKCA YES 5-year material Warranty

Package Includes

24V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • 24V 100Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery x1
  • Long Terminal Bolts x 2
  • Insulating Sleeve x 2
  • User Manual x 1
1.Can this battery be used in series to build a 48-volt system?
Yes. Renogy 24V Core Series Batteries can be connected in series to ramp up voltage for a 48V off-grid power system. You can also consider wiring batteries in series first and then wire sets of batteries (same models required) in parallel for maximum power up to 40.96kWh.
2.Will this new 24V 100Ah Core LiFePO4 work with 24V batteries from other brands?

We do not recommend wiring batteries with different chemistries, rated capacities, nominal voltages, brands, or models in parallel or series. This can result in potential damage to the batteries and the connected devices, and can also pose safety risks.

3.How many Renogy 24V 100Ah Core Series Batteries can I connect at most?

The 24V 100A Core Batteries support versatile connections, including series, parallel, and series-parallel connections. You can connect up to 2 batteries in series, 8 in parallel, or 16 in the series-parallel connection. Batteries of the same model and similar capacity are required.

4.How long will the Renogy Core Series Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery last?
Renogy 24V 100Ah Core Series Batteries can deliver 5000 cycles with a recommended 80% depth of discharge (DOD). Meanwhile, these batteries integrate self-heating and low-temperature cut-off to provide power in freezing weather.
5.How should I balance my batteries in a 2S2P configuration?

We advise you to connect your four batteries in parallel periodically to rebalance the battery voltages every six months. This helps reduce voltage differences and optimize their performance.

6.Can I pair a Bluetooth Module for this battery to monitor the battery status on the phone?

No. This battery is not compatible with the Bluetooth module. You can use a 500A Battery Monitor With Shunt (sold separately) to keep track of battery status.

7.My battery temperature gets too low during operation and the self-heating doesn't work very well.

Each 24V 100Ah Core LiFePO4 Battery requires a charging current greater than 10A to initiate and sustain the heating. Please check the charging current of the charger for each battery more than 10A.

8. Is it compatible with Renogy ONE?

No. This battery is not compatible with Renogy ONE currently. You can use a 500A Battery Monitor With Shunt (sold separately) to keep track of battery status.

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