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if you want high-powered solar panels to light your world up when you drop off the grid, you need to call in the professionals. Fact: we’ve designed solar components like panels, controllers, batteries, inverters, and more that you can easily install yourself. DIY solar is the way to go if you’re hauling a camper, pulling a trailer, or if you’re looking to light up a cozy cabin in the woods.

No Matter Where You’re Headed: DIY Solar Helps You Get There

We know we speak for more than just ourselves when we say that whatever it is—whether it’s building an off-the-grid cabin, renovating a camper, or just planning a big adventure—it’s always more gratifying when you do it yourself. We followed the same philosophy when we designed easy-to-install solar panel kits that are high powered, durable, and ready to light up your adventure no matter how far you are from home.

Starter Kits

Kits designed with everything you need to start your solar adventure!

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Premium Kits

Kits Designed with our most efficent components to get the most out of the sun!

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Kits designed specifically for motorhome RVs to keep you mobile!

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Kits designed specifically for autonomous use away from the grid!

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