DCC50S 12V 50A DC to DC Battery Charger with MPPT

DCC50S 12V 50A DC to DC Battery Charger with MPPT
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Renogy's DCC50S DC to DC MPPT on-board Battery Charger is designed to give you options! This multi-stage, multi-input battery charger can charge a service battery from an alternator connected to a starting battery or by utilizing solar panels connected directly to the unit. While your vehicle's alternator prioritizes your starting battery, this unit will allow your solar system to charge your service battery first! It's the smart way to keep yourself fully charged and off-grid longer! And with multi-stage charging and multi-chemistry functionality, Renogy's DC to DC MPPT Charger has you covered whether you're using Flooded, Gel, AGM, or Lithium batteries.

Now you can unlock monitoring features exclusively using the BT-2 Bluetooth Module and Renogy DC Home App!

Please Note: The BT-2 Bluetooth Module requires a separate purchase.

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Key Features

  • Designed to charge service batteries from two DC inputs—solar panels and alternator.
  • Built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to maximize the solar power.
  • 3-phase charging profile (Bulk, Boost, and Float) ensures your service battery will be accurately charged at the correct voltage levels to 100%.
  • Built-in Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) for easy setup with traditional alternators.
  • Compatible with smart alternators (with variable output voltage).
  • Trickle charges the starting battery via solar panels if the service battery is fully charged.
  • Isolation of the starting battery and the service battery.
  • Temperature and voltage compensation features prolong battery life and improve system performance.
  • Smart Protection Features: battery isolation, over-voltage protection, battery temperature protection, over-current protection, overheat protection, reverse current protection, solar panel and alternator reverse polarity protection.
  • Compatible with multiple battery types: AGM, GEL, Flooded, and Lithium.
  • Compact with a sturdy design, it was built tough for all conditions.
  • Bluetooth Monitoring Ready! Exclusively available with the BT-2 Bluetooth Module accessory and Renogy DC Home App available on the IOS and Google Play Stores.

Package Includes


50A DC-DC On-Board Battery Charger with MPPT

Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

1 x


System Voltage : 12VDC Battery Voltage Range : 9-16VDC
Maximum Charging Current : 50A (25A Alternator / 25A PV) Battery Type : SLA, GEL, FLD, LI, USER
Backup Battery Charging Mode : MPPT Charging Efficiency : Up to 97%
Max. Solar Input Voltage : 25V Maximum Solar Input Power : 660W
Alternator Input Voltage : Traditional Alternator: 13.2-16VDC  Smart Alternator (Euro 6): 12-16VDC" Maximum Alternator Input Power : 660W
Self-consumption : 60mA Operating Temperature Range : -31°F~149°F / -35°C~65°C
Dimensions : 9.6 x 5.7 x 3.0 in / 244 x 146 x 77 mm Weight : 3.13 lbs / 1.42 kg

Warranty Information

Accessories 1-year material warranty
Renogy Rover PG 20 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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Great product

Rohan Matthews on Aug 4th 2021

I installed the unit over 3 months ago and it has outdone my expectations. It charges my 2 135 Ah batteries faster than my old unit on solar, slower via the alternator. I think I will see even more that 10 years out of these batteries, that's what my previous Renogy system saw me achieve with a constant voltage solinoid rather than DC DC. Highly recommend this unit. Will be adding more solar in the near future and will be buying the panels from Renogy, don't touch ebay panels unless you like getting a 10th of what you paid for. The bluetooth is a great feature as well, just a pitty it's not built in in this day and age, and allows me to see both vehicle and house battery status. I love seeing the vehicle battery charging when the house batteries are full, such a great use of the power.

Review on the 50amp charger,

Harsha Dissanayaka on Oct 19th 2020

Awesome product & looking forward to use these products more regularly with my customers . Only one disappointment was the very delayed postage/delivery which I had to put a customer on hold for quite awhile. Apart from that great product looking forward to dealing with you again. Thanks, Harsha Dissa, Director , Yakka ATS Pty Ltd Australia.

50A DC-DC Charger

Kate Fraser on Mar 4th 2020

I upgraded my vehicle to 400 ah Lithium Batteries, when choosing a DC-DC charger I was very interested in being able to maintain my vehicle start battery during long off-grid trips. The Renogy DCC50S came in at a great price and has all the features I was looking for. I have comprehensively tested my new Lithium charging system and am very impressed with the performance of the DCC50S, the only issue I would advise on is to mount the unit where heat can be dissipated, this unit can get very warm when pushing the full 50 amps through it.