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How to safely install your solar system

Tips for a safe solar installation processInstalling solar on your own can feel incredibly rewarding. And thanks to the availability of solar panel kits, it’s never been easier. Bu…
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Understanding DIY Off-Grid Sytems

What to know about installing an off-grid solar installation on your own?Going off-grid is a great way to become energy independent, save money, and give you the peace of mind of b…
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Understanding Solar Charge Controllers

What is the difference between MPPT and PWM charge controllers?Charge controllers are an essential part of every solar installation. They ensure your system runs efficiently and sa…
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Beginners Guide to Solar Panels

Whether you’re living an off-grid lifestyle, travelling in a camper or caravan, or just want to save on monthly utility costs, there’s never been a better time to go solar. Sola…
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What to know about solar connectors

What is a connector's role in a solar installation? Solar connectors look relatively simple and you may not even notice them when shopping for solar components, but they are a…
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