• What’s included in a solar panel kit?

    Our solar kits give you a good start on your installation and take the headache out of ensuring all your components are compatible. Solar panel kits include solar panel(s0, charge controller, cables, and mounting hardware. You’ll need to purchase batteries separately if you want to add storage to your system.

  • Can I go off-grid with a kit?

    Definitely, our solar panel kits are a great option for those who want to have reliable, constant access to energy without being connected to the grid. Just keep in mind you’ll need to purchase solar batteries separately if you’d like to go off-grid.

  • What is the best solar panel kit for me?

    Our solar panel kits are created based on lifestyle and energy needs. If you’re new to solar or are looking to expand an existing system, starter kits are a great option to dip your toes in the solar pool. Premium kits are perfect for those prioritizing efficiency and reliability. If you live a mobile lifestyle on the open road, we’d recommend our RV’s and van solar panel kits. For those who live off-grid in their home or cabin, check out our cabin kits.