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  • How do I know which solar panel kit is best for me?

    Solar panel kits take the headache out of shopping for solar components. Renogy offers customized solar panel kits tailored specific to your lifestyle including all your crucial components are compatible with one another.

    Starter Kits are designed for people who are new to solar and include lightweight, easy to handle solar panels rated for systems between 50 and 200 watts. Renogy starter kits include highly efficient monocrystalline panels.

    Premium Kits include components boasting the latest technology. From highly efficient solar panels to charge controllers with maximum charging efficiency and performance, you’ll be equipped to have a stellar solar installation to keep you running for years.

    RV/Van Kits are the perfect addition to any caravan, motorhome, or van. Say goodbye to noisy gas-powered generators and hello to a solar installation with lightweight, durable, and efficient solar panels and technologically advanced charge controllers.

  • What’s included in solar panel kits? What do I still need to buy?

    Renogy’s solar panel kits include solar panels, charge controller, wiring and cables, and mounting hardware. You’ll need to purchase an inverter and deep cycle batteries in order to complete your system.

  • How do I know what size kit to purchase?

    To determine what size system will best fit your needs, make a list of all the appliances and devices you plan on running. The main appliances to take into consideration when addressing energy needs may include a TV, lighting, water pump, laptop, fans, microwave, and refrigerator. We recommend using the Renogy solar panel calculator to help determine your specific needs. You’ll just need to know what total watts your electronics will consume, how long you plan on running devices, your charge controller efficiency, and average sun hours per day.