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  • Do I need to disconnect the solar suitcase from the charge controller before connecting it to the battery?

    No, you do not need to disconnect the solar suitcase from the charge controller.

  • What is the maximum length of extension cable I should use with the suitcase?

    You can use a 10ft 10AWG extension cable with the suitcase.

    Please note that you will need two extension cables: one for the positive and one for the negative connector.

  • Can I remove the charge controller from the suitcase?

    We do not recommend removing the charge controller from the suitcase as it will void the warranty.

  • Can I connect my Renogy solar suitcase to my solar-ready RV?

    Renogy panels come with MC4 connectors while most solar-ready RVs use proprietary ports. An adapter must be purchased to connect the suitcase to the RV. Please check with a professional installer regarding the required cable.

  • Does the suitcase panel come with a protective case?

    Yes, a durable weather-resistant case comes with the suitcase

  • My RV is solar-ready. How do I plug-in?

    Solar-ready does not necessarily mean that an RV is compatible and ready to go with any solar setup. Instead, it usually means that your RV is ready-to-use with the RV manufacturer's solar partner.

    Renogy systems are designed to make direct battery connections. While it is possible to use an adapter cable to connect a Renogy system to your RV, you will need to contact your RV manufacturer or a professional installer regarding the correct cable. As every manufacturer and vendor does things differently, we are unable to make recommendations regarding compatibility. For solar-ready RVs using an SAE connector, Renogy carries an SAE adapter cable. We do not offer any other adapters.

  • Can I expand my solar suitcase?

    Please be advised that product alteration is required to expand suitcases with prewired charge controllers and would void the warranty.

    If you plan on expanding your system in the future, we recommend purchasing a suitcase without a charge controller or our Portable RV kit. By buying the components separately, no product modification is necessary to expand your solar setup.