Renogy battery chargers

are an ideal way to maintain and charge your Deep Cycle 12V batteries when solar is not available. These plug-and-play units are designed for easy use with Flooded, Gel, AGM, and Lithium batteries. By utilizing a multi-stage charging process, Renogy battery chargers will maintain your batteries without overcharging them—the perfect addition to any deep cycle battery bank to maximize your battery's lifespan.


  • 1. How does the 200A Isolator work?

    The isolator is connected to the vehicle's alternator, starting battery and house battery.

    The purpose of the isolator is to charge both the starting and house batteries at the same time using the alternator while also keeping them isolated when discharging them.

  • 2. Does my RV need a DC to DC battery charger?

    This is an optional component that is used to charge the house battery using the starter battery. This product can charge AGM, Gel, Flooded and Lithium.

  • 3. Can I charge my Deep Cycle battery with the Battery Maintainer?

    No, the Battery Maintainer is strictly designed for CCA starter batteries and is not designed to charge deep cycle batteries.

  • 4. Can the Battery Maintainer be connected 24/7 to a 12V Starter Battery?

    Yes, the Battery Maintainer has built-in safety protection that will protect the battery from being damaged.

Comparsion Chart

Battery Charger Type Battery Isolator DC-DC On-Board Charger DC-DC w/MPPT On-Board Charger
Isolated Auxilary
Battery Charging
Heavy Duty Design
Selectable Deep
Cycle Charging Profiles
Lithium Compatible
Solar Input