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  • 1.What is in RV complete kits?

    Our all-new RV complete kits have included 100W flexible monocrystalline solar panel(s), charge controllers, batteries, inverters, cables, and other essentials to help you set up your first (or next) solar energy system. Want to choose inverters and batteries yourself? No big deals. You can pick them up in the "Deep Cycle Batteries" and "Inverters" categories for extra DIY fun.

  • 2.What can I do with RV complete kits?

    Renogy RV complete kits provide one-stop solar power solutions for you. Pick one of RV complete kits and you will have all the necessary components to build your off-grid power system in one go for curved rooftop on your mobile homes, including RVs, vans, trucks, etc. No more guesswork and extra purchases of accessories.

  • 3.What is the difference between RV kits and RV complete kits?

    Our classic solar RV kits only include solar panels, charge controllers, and cables for basic configuration. However, the new RV complete kits are whole sets of components for complete solar power systems, including inverters and batteries for easy access to off-grid living.

  • 4.Which RV complete kit should I choose?

    When sizing your dream solar power system, think over rooftop space on your RV, local weather conditions, how much electricity is consumed daily, etc. These will help you decide how many solar panels and batteries you need for going solar.

  • 5.How to expand my system built on the complete solar kit?

    With increasing demands for electricity in the future, you can add extra solar panels and batteries to your system and make sure the maximum power of solar arrays is below 660W. Don't forget to buy extra branch connectors, tray cables, and other accessories to help with the expansion.