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  • What are the benefits of lithium iron phosphate batteries?

    Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the ideal solar storage solution for those looking for an efficient battery that has a long lifespan and requires little to no maintenance. Unlike gel or lead-acid batteries, Renogy lithium iron phosphate batteries are lower maintenance, lighter, and more powerful. They also have high discharge and recharge rates and are incredibly compact.

  • Do lithium batteries charge faster than flooded lead acid batteries?

    Yes. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more efficient and have a faster rate of charge. This is because they can typically handle a higher amperage, which means they can be recharged much faster than sealed and flooded lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries are limited in how much charge current they can handle because they will overheat if you charge them too quickly.

  • What applications are lithium batteries best for?

    The Renogy 12V 170AH lithium iron phosphate battery is perfect for deep-cycle applications including cabins, solar/wind energy systems, battery backups, telecommunication systems, medical equipment, and more. Renogy also has 100AH lithium iron phosphate battery for those with smaller energy needs. Lithium iron phosphate batteries also lose less capacity when idle. This is especially useful in cases where solar energy is only used occasionally. They also have the best cycle life of deep cycle batteries, offering approximately 2000 cycles at 100% DoD (depth of discharge.)

  • How many batteries do I need?

    It’s important to properly size your system to accurately know how many panels, batteries, and inverters to purchase. We recommend using the solar panel calculator to calculate your energy consumption and requirements to help you decide on your solar components. You’ll need to know the total watts your electronics consume, how many hours you plan on running devices, charge controller efficiency, and the average sun hours per day.