• What is IoT?

    IoT, or the Internet of Things, refers to the billions of devices around the globe that are connected to the internet. IoT devices, actively collecting and sharing data, can be small as a coin or as large as a plane. IoT can connect multiple devices at a time to the internet, which facilitates not just human to machine, but machine to machine interactions.

  • What kinds of IoT technology exists?

    IoT technology falls in four main categories: sensors, connectivity, data processing, and user interfaces.Renogy solar panel calculator to help determine your specific solar panel needs.

    Sensors/Devices collect real-time data from the surrounding environment, such as temperature monitoring. Our phone is a device that has multiple sensors, such as GPS and a camera. Connectivity refers to the ways in which collected data is sent to a cloud infrastructure. This includes cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

    Data processing refers to how the processing is completed on the acquired data. This can be something like checking that temperature readings are within an acceptable range.

    If we want to make that information available to the end-user , we need a user interface. For example, if someone has a security camera installed to their home, they can check their video recordings or feed through a web server.

  • How do I monitor my batteries?

    To ensure a long lifespan for your batteries, you typically shouldn’t drain your battery past 50%. To accurately check the status of your batteries, we recommend using a battery monitor. A depleted battery will read 11.8-11.5 volts (30-10%). A fully charged battery will read 12.8.volts. A battery drained to 50% will read 12.1 volts, so we recommend not going below that level. To charge your battery, you can either use your solar panels to recharge them or connect your batteries to a solar battery charger.

  • What do IoT monitors do?

    Renogy IoT monitors can wirelessly monitor and adjust compatible solar charge controllers via Bluetooth. Users can connect to the user-friendly smartphone App, Renogy DC Home, to keep track of your system. The embedded Bluetooth chip, which is highly efficient and consumes minimal amounts of energy, will give you the ability to monitor your system at any time.