3000W 12V to 230V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (with UPS Function)
5(13) 3000W 12V to 230V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (with UPS Function)
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The perfect addition to any off-grid system, whether for a van or a cabin, the Renogy 3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter acts as a DC to AC converter that allows you to power your household appliances. Unlike modified sine wave inverters, this 3000W inverter is a pure sine wave, capable of producing cleaner, smoother, and more reliable electricity to operate tools, fans, lights, and other electronics without interference. Many off-grid systems require a 12V solar inverter to power everyday electronics and this one includes multiple protections to help things run smoothly and safely.

The AC priority switch function enables the inverter automatically switch from the battery (DC) to the mains (AC) and vice-vercer whenever the utility company takes/loses power!

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Key Features

  • Electronic overload protection with automatic shutdown.
  • Built-in internal backup DC fuse provides added safety.
  • Low battery voltage protection with automatic shutdown.
  • Over temperature protection with automatic shutdown.
  • Output short circut protection.
UPS (AC priority switch) function: Transfers input power between battery supply & AC main within 50mS

Minimum 12V Lithium Battery Bank Sizing

The following are the minimum battery quantities to operate Renogy power inverters. This is ONLY for 12V applications.

Battery Bank Qty/ Inverter Size 50Ah 100Ah 170Ah
1000W 2 1 1
2000W 4 2 2
3000W 6 3 2

Package Includes

3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Renogy 3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Power Saving Mode

1 x


Inverter Cables

1 x


Inverter Remote Control

1 x


Renogy 3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter  
Input Voltage: 12VDC Continuous Power: 3000W
Surge Power: 6000W Output Voltage: 220VAC±10
Output Frequency (Nominal): 50Hz±0.3 Output Wave form:Pure Sine Wave
Static Current: 1.3A Input Voltage Range: 11-16Vdc
Low Voltage Shutdown: 10Vdc Recover from low voltage protection
Battery supply & AC main transfer time within 50ms High Voltage Shutdown: 16.3Vdc
Dimensions: 482*220*92mm Weight: 6.4Kg

Warranty Information


1-year material and workmanship warranty

Accessories 1-year material warranty



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Great Inverter

Arie Dielesen on Jun 12th 2022

Great inverter but no means of monitoring load via bluetooth app

3000W inverter

Heyward Raffaut on Jun 8th 2022

It gave me the output I am after. One problem is the mounting legs are not strong to hold the weight wall mounted especially if vehicle installed

Renogy 3000w inverter

Bruce on May 27th 2022

I haven’t had to use it much yet but was able to boil my 2000w kettle ok. Quite happy with about 1amp no load current.

3000W; Amazing Device!

Guido Wager on Apr 15th 2022

This is a high quality and powerful device. According an oscilloscope its a perfect sine wave produced by the inverter. It runs high power devices such as a heater or even a washing machine (inc. heating water). It very important to have strong batteries as recommended by the manufacturer! And very quick delivery, thanks!

3000W inverter

Jarrod Bennett on Dec 21st 2021

So far so good runs my 2.2 kw aircon in boat no problems, runs my induction stove as well. I have 5 x100 amp/h Renogy, and 60 amp dc to dc charger very happy with system

3000w Pure Sine Inverter

Paul on Nov 24th 2021

The unit appears well built and came with what appears to be good quality cables. The UPS allows power through the inverter when connected to mains even if the inverter is switched off (which I like). I would say the inverter is perfect for me with the exception that the two front plugs are rated to 10amps and I was hoping to hard-wire it into my caravan like this; mains>into inverter>into main caravan circuit. I don't feel comfortable doing this due to the outlets being rated to 10amps. It would be good if there was an additional outlet that could provide the inverters full power in one plug (I've seen this on another inverter). All in all this inverter provides a lot of bang for buck!

3000W 12V to 230V Inverter

Graham Kimberley on Nov 5th 2021

Just Love it ! . Turfed the 2500 china made unit out the door and so happy I changed to this unit. runs coffee machine and Milk Frother at the same time 2800watts no problem. I use the remote switch and installed inverter power points inside and outside the van. So, easy as when off grid. Would i recommend this unit !... YES !

Good Product

Rich on Jun 4th 2021

Works better than expected. Has 2 AU sockets and holds a stable 230vac from 10w to 3000w. Efficiency is good @2.2kw it will draw approx 2.3kw. Powers 2.2kw kettle, Inverter Fridge, 3.5kw inverter reverse cycle a/c, no problems with iPhone e.g a modified sign wave will make the screen unusable. The fans run variable speed and only slow when boiling a kettle. I also have the older 1000w inverter with 220vac so good to see they made them 230vac. I used my own cables the ones supplied are just ok, but they are freebies at 429.- for a great inverter.