Outdoor Water Purifier
Outdoor Water Purifier
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This tactical water micro-filter is an essential item for anyone who enjoys frequent hiking or camping. Since it's always possible to take a wrong turn, a water micro-filter may be a lifesaving piece of equipment. This micro-filter allows for the filtration of water directly from its source to create clean drinking water that is free of giardia, cryptosporidium, and other organisms of equal size or larger (including amebas or tapeworm eggs). A great choice for backcountry trekking and emergency preparedness, this Renogy product filters particles and microorganisms down to a nominal 0.1 micron level, and has a capacity of up to 792 gallons with a flow rate of 600 ml per minute. Replacement filters are available to provide continued use of the system.

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Key Features

High Filtering Rate with Replaceable
  • Precise UF Membrane Filter removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.99% of cysts; surpasses EPA standards for water filters
  • Offers safe direct-drinking water
  • Antibacterial Carbon Filter gives better taste
Perfect for Survival
  • Directly pump clean water into any portable hydration device/pack
  • Ideal product for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness
Compact and Portable
  • 5.8 inches long, produces a super-fast flow rate of 600ml/min
  • Ideal for filtering large jugs of water
Back Flushing Device Equipped
  • Keeps the filter clean and clog-free, effectively prolong the lifespan of UF Membrane Filter
  • Filters up to 3000 liters (792Gallons) of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals
Designed for Heavy Use
  • Aircraft grade aluminum sleeve provides the best protection from uncertain harsh environments
  • Metal piston rod is also designed for over 100,000 cycles of to-and-fro motion

Package Includes

  • One (1) Microfilter
  • One (1) Float
  • One (1) Pre-filter & Sinker
  • One (1) Input Hose
  • One (1) Output Hose
  • One (1) Bag
  • Four (4) O-rings
  • One (1) Manual
  • One (1) Back Wash Devise
  • One (1) Carbon Filter
Application: lake, river, spring, etc. Output: 600ml/min
Temperature: 32°F~113°F Dimension: 72*38*148mm
Net weight: 245g Capacity: 3000L/1 year (from first use)
Material: Aluminum, PCTG(BPA free), Silica Gel, ect.  

Warranty Information

1-year warranty


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