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Introducing Renogy ONE M1, your all-in-one energy monitoring and off-grid smart living center that revolutionizes comfort when you live in your off-grid home or RV.

Renogy ONE M1 is the heart of your off-grid system, with a sleek, flush-mount touchscreen that looks great anywhere. A 4'' HD display lets you monitor every Renogy device in your home from one screen. And with the DC Home app, you'll have the same system monitoring wherever you go on your smartphone.

Live off-grid without compromising comfort with Renogy ONE M1. It gives you control of up to 3 devices at a time through the direct connection with panel relays. For instance, you can create an "Evening" mode that automatically turns on lights, or a "Sleep" mode that dims the lights and shuts down the connected appliances.

Renogy ONE M1 delivers peace of mind with enhanced security feature for your off-grid home or RV. Renogy ONE is compatible with our Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors and sends instant alerts right to your DC Home app if there's a security breach.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please submit a case.

Key Features

Quick View Energy Dashboard
  • Get rid of cumbersome cables and multiple monitors with the flush-mount Renogy ONE M1. Its 4″ HD touchscreen lets you monitor and control compatible Renogy devices in your home from one screen.
Control All Your Connected Devices
  • Panel relays of Renogy ONE M1 allow you to switch on/off up to 3 DC appliances at a time through the panel switches or the DC Home app. You can even set up different smart scenes to control devices together, depending on how you live. For instance, you can create an "Evening" mode that automatically turns on lights, or a "Sleep" mode that turns off home appliances for you.
Remote Energy Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi connectivity uploads energy data while you're off the grid so that you can monitor your system in real time, wherever you are, with the DC Home app. You can monitor the status of batteries, charge controllers, and other connected energy devices.

    *You can view historic power generation data for the past 200 days.

  • If you have any questions regarding this product, please submit a ticket for troubleshooting assistance.
  • More questions about your off-grid power system? Learn more from Renogy Learning Center!

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Power Supply: Rated Power 3.5W
● Power Port: 8V DC-16V DC
● Type-C Port: 5V DC
Load: ≤30V DC, 5A Max Power Consumption: < 2.5W (standby)
Ports:  ● USB Type-C (5V DC)
● RJ45 (CAN & RS485)
● 2-pin 2.54 mm pluggable terminal block (12V DC)
Wireless Communication ● Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz)
● Bluetooth 2.1/4.2 and Bluetooth LE
● Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)
Zigbee: IEEE 802.15.4 Protocols: RV-C/Modbus/Zigbee 3.0
Touch Screen: 4 inches (480 x 480p)
White backlight with adjustable brightness
Dimension: 181.8 x 86.8 x 42.2 mm (7.16 x 3.42 x 1.66 in)
Installation: Flush mounting Weight: 286 g/0.83 lbs
Color: Black Casing Material: PC+ABS V0
Applicable Place: Indoor Operating Altitude: Less than 2000 m above sea level
Operating Temperature: -20℃~50℃ (-4℉~122℉) Operating Humidity: 0%~95%RH


Warranty Information

Product Warranty

2 Years

0 0 Renogy Eclipse 100W Mono Solar Panel warranty
1.When Renogy ONE M1 is offline, do the configured smart scenes still work?
Yes. Renogy ONE M1 is wirelessly connected with smart accessories through the Zigbee 3.0 protocol. When you set up a smart scene, the configuration will be saved in the system of Renogy ONE M1.
If there is no available network, Renogy ONE M1 can still interact with smart accessories via Zigbee 3.0.
2. How many devices can Renogy ONE M1 connect via Bluetooth/RS485/CAN and Zigbee 3.0 at most?

You can connect a maximum of 7 Bluetooth devices, 64 devices with RS485/CAN port, and 200 Zigbee 3.0 devices to Renogy ONE M1.

Please note that Renogy ONE M1 may experience delayed responses if too many devices are connected with it. 

3. What is the maximum range between Renogy ONE M1 and Bluetooth devices? Zigbee 3.0 devices? 
The maximum range between Bluetooth devices and Renogy ONE M1 is 32.8 ft (10 m). For Zigbee 3.0 devices, the maximum range will be 164 ft (50 m).
4. What kind of power systems can Renogy ONE work with?
Please power up Renogy ONE M1 with a 12V or 5V DC power supply. Its rated power is 3.5W.
If you wish to wire home appliances with Renogy ONE M1 for one-touch control, please make sure the load is below or equal to 30V DC, 5A.
As for energy monitoring, Renogy ONE M1 allows you to monitor power devices rated at 12V DC, 24V DC, or 48V DC.  
5. How long will Renogy ONE M1 store the data locally?
Renogy ONE M1 can store data locally for 30 days.
6. Can Renogy ONE M1 automatically identify devices through any type of connection?
Yes, Renogy ONE M1 can recognize Bluetooth devices, Zigbee 3.0 devices, devices with RS485 ports, or RV-C devices automatically, as long as they are authorized by Renogy.
7. Do I have to link Renogy ONE M1 to DC Home app for operation?
No, you can add energy devices and simply check energy data without linking to the DC Home app. However, we advise you to pair it to DC Home app to access important features including remote monitoring, setting up smart scenes, etc.
8. Can Renogy ONE M1 connect to the Internet via a hotspot from a smart mobile phone?
9. Does Renogy ONE M1 support WPA3 encrypted Wi-Fi network?
No, it does not support WPA3.
10. Does Renogy ONE M1 support 5G Hz Wi-Fi network?
No, it does not.
More questions about your off-grid power system? Learn more from Renogy Learning Center!

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Works great

davidh7123 on Aug 11th 2023

Works great, easy to setup, fast postage, thank you.

Good deal thanks

josjos_hcpnoedny on Aug 8th 2023

Good deal thanks

Good product

scenic.rim on Jul 16th 2023

Good product. Fast post everything. Thanks.

Works for me! I LOVE it!

EddieR on Apr 25th 2023

Love the fact that I can remotely monitor my setup. Shame that the advanced features aren't available in the UK yet...


MHM on Apr 24th 2023

I look at how my system is working / producing electricity many times during the day. The Renogy one m1 is a must for anyone that uses the internet.