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12 Volt 170Ah Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery

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Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery 12 Volt 170Ah
12 Volt 170Ah Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery
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Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery 12 Volt 170Ah

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The Renogy 12V 170AH Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery is perfect for deep-cycle applications including cabins, solar/wind energy systems, UPS battery backups, telecommunication systems, medical equipment, the lithium battery for caravan and more. Unlike gel or lead-acid batteries, the Renogy LFP battery is safer, lighter, and more powerful with a long service and shelf life to boot. Invest in this sealed, maintenance-free battery for your off-grid system and lithium batteries for caravans today!


  • Please be aware that if the batteries' Battery Management System (BMS) is activated and the battery voltage shows 0V, you must use a compatible Li charger to reactivate our Li batteries.
  • Make sure to tightly screw the battery terminals in, having loose battery terminals will cause the terminals to build up heat resulting in damage to the battery.
  • Please be aware that the batteries' M12 terminals are thicker and will not work with any of our battery cable offerings, they require 1/2" ring terminals for proper connectivity. 
  • DO NOT string this battery in series. It is made ONLY for parallel connections using identical batteries.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please submit a case !

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • BMS Protection
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • Triplex Sealed Construction
  • Patent Designed Construction
  • Lithium battery for caravan

Minimum 12V Lithium Battery Bank Sizing

The following are the minimum battery quantities to operate Renogy power inverters. This is ONLY for 12V applications.

Battery Bank Qty/ Inverter Size 50Ah 100Ah 170Ah
1000W 2 1 1
2000W 4 2 2
3000W 6 3 2

Package Includes

Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery 12 Volt 170Ah

1 x


Electric Characteristics  
Nominal Voltage:12.8V Energy Density:149.1Wh/L
Rated Capacity (0.2C):170Ah Internal Resistance:≤10mΩ
Minimal Rated Capacity (0.2C):161.5Ah Cycle Life (0.2C, 20±5°C):80% DOD 2000 cycles
Energy:2176Wh Specific Energy:103.6Wh/kg
Charging Parameters Discharging Parameters
Charge Voltage:14.4 ± 0.2V Maximum Continuous Discharge Current:125A
Maximum Charge Current:85A Discharge Cut-off Voltage:≥10V
Charge Cut-off Voltage:14.6V  
Temperature Parameters Operation Temperature Range Temperature Parameters Storage Temperature Range
Charge: 32~113℉ / 0~45℃ Less Than 1 Year: 32~77℉ / 0~25℃
Discharge: -4~140℉ / -20~60℃ Less Than 3 Months: 14~95℉ / -10~35℃
Recommended: 73.4 ± 9℉ / 23 ± 5℃  
Mechanical Properties  
Length: 357mm / 14.0 inch Weight: 22 kg / 48.5 lbs.
Width: 155mm / 6.1 inch Housing Material: ABS+PC
Height: 270mm / 10.6 inch Terminal Model: M12x1.75x16mm
Cell Model: IFR26650-3.4AH Assembly Method: 4S53P

Warranty Information

Accessories 5-year prorated warranty
Renogy Deep Cycle Pure GEL Battery 12V 200Ah

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  • 5
    Renogy 170amp Lithium

    Posted by Glenn Larnach on May 18th 2022

    Purchased this battery for my camper trailer as a replacement for a AGM battery. This lithium battery it has exceeded my expectation this battery has so much grunt running all my camping gear with ease Highly Recommend it to anyone to go lithium

  • 5

    Posted by Peter Alexander Hofstede on May 29th 2021

    This battery does exactly what it states. using the Renogy solar controller loaded this battery up and drew 166 AH from it before it shut down. impressive.

  • 5

    Posted by Tony Dawes on May 18th 2021

    Just wanted to add what I missed out. We have been off grid since November last year and thanx to the Coronavirus issues in Australia was able to access Super to get nearly all what we need plus more. I have another 1.2kw of solar just waiti g for Support to sort out what they want me to do with the pv cable melted in the Rover 100amp controller after only a month. Running 310w QCells panels that are a year old. When everything was running batteries charge back up by 9.30am. I love these batteries but we have gone from caravan to static being off grid on land. I am looking at purchasing maybe 3 more when funds allow after getting more panels and another 2 controllers.

  • 5

    Posted by Tony on Mar 8th 2021

    I have had these batteries 6months I purchase n hindsight I would have also got the Renogy 3000w inverter changer as well but I had already purchased a Victron one along with Victron controllers 2x 100/50 and 1x 100/30. I have nothing really to compare them to and they do exactly what we need. I am running 1.2kw of 4year old 2nd hand German solar panels(AUS$240) and just plan to upgrade to another 2kw of panels 2nd hand. We have been off grid all this time and it powers through 3000w Renogy inverter our microwave, toaster, upright 12v fridge freezer from caravan, 240v chest freezer, 2x 12v fans, 10m of 12v led waterproof lights split into 8 lights, laptops for home schooling plus charge points for 5 phones and 3 x 12v accessory ports. We just switch out chest freezer when using microwave or toaster. So am happy. All charged up by 12noon if sunny 3pm if cloudy. Batteries drain to 69% over night.