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Renogy 5W Outdoor Battery Charger Maintainer

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Over time batteries naturally lose power and, if allowed to, can go flat. Renogy’s 5W solar trickle charger will help you maintain a healthy battery by converting solar energy into a usable 12V DC current to keep your battery topped off at a stable level. With quick SAE connection and 3 options for ring terminals, alligator clips, and cigarette lighters, our solar trickle charger is sure to be a great fit no matter what your application needs. It works great with boats, SUVs, RVs, electric fences, accessory batteries, and much more! Maintain a healthy battery and never be caught flat ever again!

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Key Features

Plug-and-Play Solar 12V battery trickle charger

  • Easy to use DC adaptors for direct battery connection (cig lighter, alligator clips, ring terminal, SAE connection)
  • Charges 12 Volt batteries with the power of the sun
  • Works with boats, SUVs, RVs, electric fences, accessory batteries, and more!
  • Weatherproof for outdoor durability
  • High-efficiency solar panel to charge in all daylight conditions
  • Built-in safety protection, plug-in 24/7 to battery
  • Maintenance free and easy to install


Package Includes

Renogy 5W Outdoor Battery Maintainer Charger

1 x

  • 1 x Solar Panel
  • 1 x SAE to CIG Cable
  • 1 x SAE to Alligator Cable
  • 1 x SAE to Ring Cable
  • 8 x Suction Cup: x8
  • 1 x User Guide

Renogy 5W Outdoor Battery Maintainer Charger

1 x

Renogy 5W Outdoor Battery Maintainer Charger  
Rated Maximum Power: 5W Optimum Operating Current: 0.28A
Optimum Operating Voltage: 18V Short Circuit Current: 0.31A
Open Circuit Voltage: 23.57V Dimensions: 29 x 18.5 x 0.5 cm /1.42 x 7.28 x 0.2 in
Output Tolerance: +/-5% Weight: 306.6g / 10.8 oz

Warranty Information


25-year transferable power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate

5-year material and workmanship warranty


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