Renogy 15000mAh Solar Power Bank

Renogy 15000mAh Solar Power Bank
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Always on the go, but battery always low? No need to worry about your devices running out of power with the Renogy 15000mAH solar power pack! Water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dust-proof, this portable battery bank was made for everyday adventurers. This lightweight solar powered cell phone charger conveniently features two USB charging ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously. Attach this compact battery to your backpack with the included carabiner and travel worry-free on your next trip. 

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Key Features

  • High capacity lithium battery can be recharged via solar or USB.
  • Compact size and minimal weight make the battery ideal for long treks.
  • Dual USB ports conveniently allow for devices to charge simultaneously.
  • Optimized for the outdoors, the charger is water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dust-proof.
  • Built-in LED light for emergencies.

Package Includes

15000mAh Solar Power Pack

15000mAh Solar Power Bank

1 x

USB Cable

USB Charging Cable

1 x



1 x

Solar Panel Power: 2W Solar Panel Input: 5V/400mA
Battery: 15000mAh Li-polymer Battery Input: 5V2A
Output: 5V/1A 5V/2A Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.1 x 0.7 in
Weight: 0.64 lb  

Warranty Information

1-year warranty


Renogy 15000 solar power bank manual

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